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Service activities

Shenzhen Zun Drive Automation Co., Limited.


  • 1. The customer may call the ZUN after-sales service hotline or the regional service hotline to seek service if there is a failure in the use of the product or if the user has problems in debugging the product parameters.

  • 2. The customer should provide the following information: name of the contact person, contact information, machine type, number, failure phenomenon.

  • 3. The ZUN service engineer communicated and directed the user through the telephone and gave the troubleshooting scheme after receiving the customer's failure report.

  • 4. In case of unsolved telephone communication, the engineer shall arrange the engineer to provide the service or notify the customer to send to the designated maintenance site for maintenance.

  • 5. In either way, the ultimate goal is to help the customer solve the problem before the service is completed.